We have a showroom with fully functional doors and electric operators. Feel free to come in and look around.

Literature and websites often show color samples to give an idea of what the color will look like, but computer screens and tiny paper handhouse just don't always do the job. We have a door with the four most common colors used, White - Almond - Brown - Sandstone. While we just stock the white and almond, the brown and sandstone get some attention too. The door shown below has, from bottom to top, a white section, almond section, brown section, and a sandstone section at the top.
Image of 8x7 sectional door with four different colors
This door has raised panels, shadow grooving at the top and bottom of each section, and a wood grain finish. The paint on these doors is a baked on polyester topcoat that holds up extremely well in South Texas. These door have ten year warranties against rust through.

Back side of door
The inside of most doors will look like the above picture. Non-hurricane doors will just have one reinforcing piece of steel (called a strut) at the very top of the door, this helps keep the section sturdy when attached to an electric operator. Hurricane doors look more like the door shown. Every section usually has a reinforcing strut, sometimes two, and there may be even more metal placed vertically. Wind storm doors are the most common in Corpus Christi now with fewer and fewer doors being non-wind loaded. When looking for a hurricane door, it's important to examine the wall the door attaches to. We offer free estimates when we're in the area and will be happy to come by and give a quote.